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Presentation of the Park at Beaty Street Task Force Final Recommendation to the Board of Commissioners, March 12, 2019.
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Earlier this year, the Board of Commissioners of the Town of Davidson voted to preserve nearly 20 acres along Beaty Street for a park in keeping with the natural setting of the property. The property is bordered on its west side by Beaty Street, across from the Ingersoll Rand area. On its east side it is bordered by the railroad that runs behind homes along Main Street.

The property is home to hardwoods and is primarily made up of tree canopy. Numerous plant and animal species make their home in this wooded treasure. 

A citizen Task Force has been charged with soliciting input from Davidson citizens to identify park and recreation needs along with ancillary public amenities in keeping with the natural, park-like setting of the property.

The group is also charged with the following:

• Sponsor public forums to solicit community input and identify recreational needs

• Identify and evaluate all assets on-site

• Investigate park and recreation elements needed, including walking trails and other amenities

• Consider ancillary uses as appropriate, respecting historic character of surrounding parcels

• Develop planning level cost estimates for the various options to help in setting priorities and developing financing plans

• Evaluate each option on the basis of capital and operational costs, potential impacts on the natural environment, potential revenues, recreational needs and effect on programs

• Meet with the Davidson Board of Commissioners for review and comment before making final recommendations

• Make recommendations for the consideration of the Davidson Board of Commissioners

The designation of this land as a park, its proximity to the heart of town and the opportunity for Davidson citizens to provide input on how to shape this beautiful natural resource for current and future generations presents our town with a public space treasure in a region where open space and tree canopy are quickly disappearing.


Public Meeting Notice: The Park at Beaty Street Task Force meeting will be held on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. The first Wednesday meeting will be held in the Davidson Town Hall Board Room and the third Wednesday meeting location will be determined prior to each meeting, please log on to Novus Agenda to find out the location.  All meetings are open to the public. 

To review documents regarding the Beaty Street Property click here.

The Park at Beaty Task Force
Ellyn Baeszler
Denise Beall - Chair
Leah Chester-Davis
Dave Cable - Vice Chair
Heidi Dietrich
Gary Fagan
Frank Farina
Janet Makee
Bill Maloney
Karen Manfredi
Gabriel Schoen - Communications Chair
Alice Sudduth

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