Safety Tips

Emergency 911
Warning Lights
Most drivers in Davidson are familiar with the flashing red lights and sirens on the Davidson Fire Department's emergency vehicles. These devices help to alert other drivers to the presence of a fire engine or ambulance en route to an emergency. When these warning devices are activated, North Carolina state law requires all drivers to slow down, pull right, and allow emergency vehicles to pass.

When a call for help comes in, many of our members respond from home, work, or school in their own personal vehicles. To help the public identify emergency responders, North Carolina state law allows qualified volunteer firefighters and EMTs to equip their own vehicles with red warning lights. Several members of the Davidson Fire Department use these devices while responding to calls.

By law, these lights give Davidson firefighters and EMTs no special privileges; they are courtesy lights only. Personnel using such devices may not exceed the speed limit, ignore stop signs, or violate other traffic laws. While civilians are not required to yield the right of way, they are encouraged to do so when possible. Remember, the vehicle you see behind you may be responding to your home or to the aid of your loved ones!

Car Seat Checks
To make sure your child's car seat is installed properly, please contact the Safe Kids Coalition.

AEDs in Davidson Police Cars
The Davidson Police Department has placed automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in its patrol cars. When used by properly trained personnel, an AED will deliver a shock to a patient's heart if it is not beating normally. Look for AED signs around town. They are available in many public and private spaces for citizens to use during a cardiac arrest emergency.

Unlike defibrillators used in hospitals and by paramedics, the AED automatically analyzes the heart's rhythm and decides whether or not a shock is necessary. The availability of AEDs in Davidson Police vehicles means that patients experiencing cardiac emergencies can be treated faster and more lives can potentially be saved. We are grateful to the members of the Davidson Police Department for making this effort!