Development Applications & Information

Due to the recent health concerns, as of 3/17/2020 the Town of Davidson Planning Department will be conducting business remotely. Due to this change, project processing time may be slower than usual. Additionally, staff will only be able to answer questions via email. Thank you for your patience. 

Please contact your development project manager for more information. 

As of April 1, 2016, a joint pre-submittal meeting is required between the applicant, Davidson Planning Department, and Mecklenburg County for any project that will be submitted to EPM. Contact the Davidson Planning Department to set up a meeting. Failure to do so will result in a delay in accepting project intake. 

  1. Building Process
  2. Plans
  3. Plats

Building Process

Individual Building

The Individual Building process is required of all structures, except single-family detached housing and single-family detached accessory structures which meet the requirements of section 4. Reference section 14.9.

Water/Sewer Determination Request

In August 2018, the Town of Davidson formalized its water/sewer policy via resolution. The Town's 1984 agreement with Charlotte Water affirms the Town's authority to approve all water/sewer extensions. Charlotte Water retains the authority to approve water/sewer connections. For water/sewer determinations, please have Charlotte Water sign off on the Water/Sewer Determination Request and return this form to the town. 

Design Review Board (DRB)

The Design Review Board (DRB) interprets and enforces the design regulations contained in the Davidson Planning Ordinance. The DRB reviews the design of all new construction, except single-family homes. Reference section 14.12 of the new ordinance.

Design Review for Sign

The Design Review Board (DRB) interprets and enforces the design regulations for local historic signage as contained in Davidson Planning Ordinance as in Design Review for Sign. Approval for signage shall be gained prior to installation. Reference section 14.12 of the ordinance.

Certificate of Appropriateness

A Certificate of Appropriateness is required prior to beginning any project/s being proposed in the local historic district. A certificate of appropriateness can be obtained from the Design Review Board. Reference section 14.12 and Section 22 of the new ordinance.