Circles at 30 Small Area Plan


The Circles at 30 Small Area Plan is a plan to create a mix of residential, commercial, office and retail uses on land located east of the I-77 Exit 30 bordered approximately by Jetton Street, Peninsula Drive, Griffith Street and Westside Terrace.

The draft plan highlights include:
  • Jetton Street as a retail Main Street with on-street parking, outdoor dining opportunities, and shopfront buildings
  • Continued mixed-use development of 2 to 4 stories in height on Griffith Street and at both roundabouts
  • A conference center and hotel on Lake Cornelius
  • Public waterfront access at the hotel and conference center that links back to the multi-use path on the north side of Griffith Street and the active living center to the south
  • A mix of residential and workplace building types on Davidson Gateway Drive compatible with the existing townhouses and live-work units
  • A large community or stormwater garden in the existing power easement
  • Intersection improvements to I-77 Exit 30 that include a new bridge and 2 roundabouts to facilitate cyclist, pedestrian, and traffic movement

Draft Small Area Plan

Latest Update
  • The Planning Board recommended approval of the Circles at 30 Small Area Plan at the June 24, 2013 meeting. 
  • The Board of Commissioners have not approved the Small Area Plan.